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Urban Joy – City life at its best

The city and the joy: Life is good and that is a good thing. Some of the most powerful forces of mankind are joy and enthusiasm, love & compassion, dedication and connections. Urban Joy celebrates this here in Berlin in various events & formats. Be there and feel the energy!What is going on here? Events with different themes for people on different levels.

Do you want to learn something new? Relax & recharge? Experience excitement? Laugh? Find silence? Meet interesting people? Just check us out and attend an event!



Weekly Sunday Yoga Class (& dance)


Your weekly sunday Yoga Class in Berlin Mitte/Kreuzberg … including optional participation in the Sunday Jam Berlin Dances

Weekly Sunday Contact Impro Class

At first, we’ll raise our awareness for our bodies and the present moment, thus increasin11873742_10152991906836921_3961937480010218557_ng our presence and availability. We will then train to listen to our body not only in stillness, but also in action and in the communication with other bodies. We’ll also train our contact improvisation skills and instincts in order to be safe and able to build trust and courage. And at last, we’ll practice intricate scores and tap into a number of strategies that help us not feel lost in jam situations and much rather enjoy the exploration of our dances as a playground for new and playful ways of interacting and having fun!

Weekly Sunday Fun & Flying Class + Jam


Join in and discover all the amazing BASICs, FUNDAmentalz, FoundatIONs of Flying, Basing & Spotting!!
A fun, detailed and sensitive go in a compact 1 hour class format!!
10€ per person – optional participation in Acro Fest Berlin afterwards included

Authentic Relating Nights


Are you ready to break new ground in a playful way and / or deepen your bonds with family, loved ones, friends & strangers?
Are you ready to know yourself better, understand others and feel more and fully at home in your skin?
Then sign up right here!

Radical Honesty Berlin


An evening with the opportunity to explore the effects & and gifts radical honesty can bring to your life.

What’s in it for you? Possibly enrichment, conncetion, benefit in your friendships, family relationships, business relationships,  love relationships

Massage Circus Berlin



At the weekly ACRO FEST BERLIN & the SUNDAY JAM* BERLIN (*re-opening 22.3.2015) all participants are invited to use the last hour for soothing bodywork and oil free massage exchange & partner stretching

Sunday Jam Berlin


Acro Fest Berlin