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We live in a modern society where many of us have the possibility to be aware of what we put into our bodies and the effects of our food on our body and mind. Still there seems to be an incredibly high percentage of people suffering from conditions related to diet and malnutrition The scientists are clear about the damagege meat consumptions are causing our bodies and are fighting to prove and reach out to people about the devastating consequences of consuming dairy products. Still, meat is considered as a natural part of a balaced and healthy diet. Roughly put our environments are telling our minds to put the meat in our mouths while our bodies clearly speak their disapproval. To be add is that certain industries clearly are dependant on us mistreating our bodies.

We all want to live a long life with good physical and mental health. This is a goal that only can be achieved through preventing the sufferening and problems with a healthy diet and lifestyle. On the other hand, the big industry of doctors, clinics and pharmaceutical companies can only profit if people suffering and are treated for chronic diseases which mainly are caused by us keeping an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Also the animal industry can only profit from us consuming their damaging dairy, egg and meat products. The science of medicine has developed chemotherapy, pills, surgeries and procedures tremendiously making us able to survive our increased consumation of dangerous food and lengthen our lives despite our diseases which in many cases only means a prolongation of suffering. The problem is that the industries are not willing to work on treating the cause but only the symptoms as long as this strategy accumulates their profit. Now when expensive high-tech health care is becoming a clinical standard and the helth insurance fees naturally increase, less people will be able to recieve help. Fighting for human and animal rights are hard on the politic areana since politics nowadays are based upon economics and free trade that is closely dependadant of the health and animal industry. Also the funding for diet and lifestyle scientists and nutritionist organizations that are publishing official health recommendations and seems to be independent are mainly financed by the meat, milk and egg industry 2).

What makes the situation even worse are the subsidies that are given to the agricultural industries, where the animal industry is spending the most (1. 50 billion euros on subsidies excluding the export subsidies are spend every year from the EU only. This makes the products ridicuosly cheap to buy and export to poor countries which natually and efficiently conquer the national farming and economy of developing countries.

Talking about developing countries: did you know that 80 percent of all the children that are victims of starvation and thirst lives in countries which have a superabundance of plant food production. This food surplus is put to feed the animals in the animal induststry which is naturally needed when it takes up to 16 kg of plant food and 10 to 20 tons of water to only produce 1 kg of meat. This ‘plant food’ is mainly grains and soy which will stay unavaliable for the poor people as long as the need for these products from the animal industry drives the prices up. Isn’t it ridicoluous that we take the food that could help billions of starving people and give it to suffering farm animals to engorge the the world’s sick addiction to harmful meat, egg and milk products.