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Every Sunday 18:55 – 22:00,
10€ for Class & open training
5€ for open training only
Varying prices for Specials
TiB Akrobatikhalle
Glogauer Str. 13, 10999 Berlin  – entrance backyard/Hinterhof

Partner Acrobatic, Dance Acrobatics, AcroYoga & more!


What is Acroyoga?

Combing the physical strength, trust, teamwork and flexibility of gymnastics with the mental and spiritual disciplines of traditional Yoga and the therapeutic benefits of massage Acroyoga gives an excellent excercise. The practice involves thee different roles: The Base – the person which has the most contact to the ground which gives stabilty and support to elevate The Flyer – which can move into series of dynamic positions. To make sure that The Flyer lands safely in case of slips The Spotter plays an important role in getting an objective view of the partners.

„We constantly talk about trust as something that’s „built“, but really, trust is more about breaking down & letting go. Trust lets our minds relax. With trust, you don’t need to worry if you fall, because you know someone will catch you. Without trust, we live in constant tension; always anticipating the sidewalk to fall out from under our feet is no way to live“ – Read the whole article of Sophia Herbst in the link above.
8 things you should know about AcroYoga – by Daniel Scott

1. AcroYoga combines yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics.

2. You don’t need a partner to find partnership.

3. AcroYoga is for Every Body.

4. Size matters not.

5. One must give to receive… and vice versa.

6. Get what you need by asking for what you want.

7. In order to know one, you must truly experience the other.

8. Trust Communication = Community.