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A few decades ago many curious westerners discovered & started to explore India and eastern culture

and with this adventure & upon their return, they brought inspiring practices like meditation, emotional release, yoga & martial arts, eastern philosophy & new spiritual paradigms.

This cultural exchange laid the groundwork for all kinds of further developments in the following generations.

Advancements in psychology, body awareness, mindfulness, new work, holistic & integral thinking and much more that can now be considered a meaningful part of a conscious lifestyle in our post modern society

Urban Joy Berlin wants to support the benefits for individuals, communities & society as a whole that were inspired by our predecessors via offering a platform for Conscious events & lifestyle in the greater Capital area of Berlin. This is achieved via various means

  • Telegram Group
  • WG & Co-Living Blackboard
  • Community Blackboard
  • Jobs & Services Blackboard
  • Weekly Events List
  • Preview List
  • Facebook Groups

We are a community, a network, a circle of friends counting already a few thousand Berliners – open, curious &/or dedicated to living a loving, conscious, fulfilled, supportive, inspired life.

Maybe you like, what we are co-creating and are happy to contribute your gifts, skills, spirit!

Some things & qualities we want to support:

Conscious living, sobriety, body & mental health, balanced interdependance, self-care, resilience, joy of living, sensuality & discipline, dance, music, singing & self-expression, celebration culture, acceptance, mutual understanding, natural beauty & grace, sound methods of purification, sane spiritual practice & creativity, co-creation, clarity of mind, trauma release, social co-creation, real life connection & so much more

See you on real life soon Your Urban Joy Berlin Team

If you want to contribute to, bring & receive benefit of the formats & lists we offer send your contribution to www.t.me/joejung

Before you reach out  for posting /sharing in our Telegram Group make sure to look at the lists to discover the fitting Format

Please keep your posts short & to the point | at the moment we still have only very limited space. Once you have the right format, send the post to www.t.me/JoeJung

  1. WG & Co-Living Blackboard | Type „WG“ in the searchfield
    Please keep your posts short & to the point | at the moment we still have only very limited space. Once you have th right format, send the post to www.t.me/JoeJung>>> Posts contain exactly this:
    • Telegram Username ☆ room size, location/Kiez, further details
  2. Community Blackboard | Type „Community Blackboard“ in the searchfield and skip to the right list
    >>> Posts contain exactly this:
    • Telegram Username ☆ offer description
  3. Jobs & Services Blackboard | Type „BIETE“ in the searchfield
    >>> Posts contain exactly this:
    • OFFER TITLE IN ALL CAPS ☆ short description | Telegram Username
  4. Weekly Events List | Type „Treats“ in the searchfield
    >>> Posts contain exactly this:
    • time in 24:00 format ☆ title (plus optional subtitle) | neigbourhood name | shortlink to website for example via www.t1p.de  &/or Telegram Username
  5. Preview List | Type „Preview“ in the searchfield
    >>> Posts contain exactly this:
    • Date | time ☆ title & subtitle of the event | Telegram Username

Thx for your contribution. We will consider it as early as we can arrange it. Not all request can be taken into account. At the moment we only share real life & substance free events. Also, there is only a limited amount of events that we can include in our lists due to technical and content limitations. With evolving technologies & the growth of our community more opportunities will certainly become available. May the future bless us & the world as a whole

Thank you for being courageous to look at life consciously. Thanks for being present with the adventure called human life. Thank you for being the kind ond curious spirit you are.

We hope this community is an inspiration for you, a ressource, a place for feeling like home, a family in the best possible sense. Blessings & all the best to you and us