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is a source of wisdom & progress.
We are happy to receive feedback from you, our visitors, guests, co-creators to improve our events to the best of their potential.
We are putting a lot of passion, attention, ressources, mental power, a lot of sweat and heart into making our formats as rich and rewarding for our guests as possible.
We would like to hear your feedback, whether enthusiastic or not, so that we can develop further ideas about how to grow and make future events/workshops even better:
What worked out really well for you?
What was better than expected, simply great, surprising, different, etc.?
What didn’t feel ideal for you?
Was there something that made you feel uncomfortable?? Anything that would have better be avoided?
What could be one thing we could add/improve?
What is one thing we should not do?
Anything else? Comments? Praises?
Thx for your time & care, your Urban Joy Berlin Team