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Ice bathing & Cold Dipping

The practice of submerging your body in cold water of less than 17° or down to 0° Celsius can both be challenging and rejuvenating, a great social activity and a deep personal meditation, a fountain of youth and an immune system booster


If this potentially high risk practice is done safely a variety of benefits can be experinced

  • deeper sleep cycles
  • faster temperature regulation for cool climates
  • heightened dopamin base levels & mood balance
  • faster recovery for athletes
  • increased mindfulness & pain resistance

If you are ready to explore the world of cold temperatures and its benefits for you consider the following


  • go with others, who are experienced and excited about the practice, use a safe spot to dip
  • wear warm & comfy clothes – so you are warm on your way and from the cold dip
  • go in somewhere between 10 – 120 seconds in under 10°Celsius water, longer if interested in warmer water
  • make it about a conscious exploration for your personal growth, not proving anything to anybody
  • have fun