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Ice bathing, Cold Dipping & Natural Water Immersion can do a human body much good

The practice of submerging your body in cold water of less than 17° or down to even below 0° Celsius can both be challenging and rejuvenating, a great social activity and a deep personal meditation, a fountain of youth and an immune system activation


Currently our favourite spot is in Treptower Park on the Insel der Jugend, here:

52.48774703200466, 13.481025959531285 | https://bit.ly/3W3NP6R

All dipping happens fully self-responsibly.

During the cold season make sure to wear warm clothes before & after the Dip. A towel is great to have & for the more comfort minded: appropriate slippers or neopren socks. Bring something warm to drink if staying warm is challenging for you. Pay very much attention to move safely especially when the ground is icey.

Always have somebody to come with you especially as a beginner so mutual safeguarding can take place.

See you by the water soon!



If this potentially high risk practice is done safely a variety of benefits can be experienced

  • deeper sleep cycles
  • faster temperature regulation for cool climates
  • heightened dopamine base levels & mood balance
  • faster recovery for athletes
  • increased mindfulness & pain tolerance

How to use our telegram group! Options:

  • Read and join the invites. Contact the person inviting for Details & Questions
  • Plan a Dip with a friend & share about the location & time in the group so others can join you. Create a Telegram Username so other people interested can contact you in case of questions

If you are ready to explore the world of cold temperatures and its benefits for you consider the following


  • go with others, who are experienced and excited about the practice, use a safe spot to dip
  • wear warm & comfy clothes – so you are warm on your way and from the cold dip
  • go in somewhere between 10 – 120 seconds in under 10°Celsius water, longer if interested in warmer water
  • make it about a conscious exploration for your personal growth, not proving anything to anybody
  • have fun