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Hey friends of all things arround massage, relaxation, wellness, bodywork & caring human connection! Welcome to this delightful⭐️Massage Abend⭐️ Classic Edition | Bekleidete Massage-Stile

Our next massage evening is happening:

August 24th | 19:00-22:00+

in a beautiful Penthouse Studio
in Berlin-Stadtmitte

Joe, his friends & the Angels are teaming up to co-create another joyful, rejuvenating gathering for touch, human warmth, refreshment, rejuvenation & sharing beautiful hours with kind hearted people… & You? Join in with friends &/or loved ones on a Duo/Trioticket or apply for one of the Solotickets!!!

We invite you into a community space: A human-/emotions- & body-positive event full of letting go, warming up, connective exploration or simply time with your bodies‘ needs and naturally gentle & tasty experiences.

1. WARM-UP First, we’ll start with a mesmerizing essential oil infusion to let go of the week & tune in with your body & the other participants.

2. STARTING TOGETHER Then, we’ll go into a playful & mind calming massage & opening circle

3. GUIDED PART In a lighthearted, inspirational onhands guided part, we learn &/or practice various massage techniques

4. OPEN FLOW A gentle night of following your intuition: Interactive, deep relaxation, high intensity, softness evening. You can decide spontaneously

We will enjoy each others company in a stunning factory loft close to Treptower Park, Berlin, S-Bahn station. An elegant main floor, a spacious finnish Sauna cabin, several lounge areas, a bar & potluck buffet to stay hydrated and enjoy a variety of vegan snacks & dishes plus lots of space for your choice of activity.

You will have the opportunity to join a couple of sauna infusions in intense heat with the rest of the group. Cold bath/dip & showers are there to refresh you, whenever needed.

To have us all enjoy the most access to natural happiness & nervous sytem relaxation this event is sober & conscious.

This is a consent & self-responsibility based event for respectful, well-intentioned grown-ups. Adhering to mutual respect, common sense & a caring attitude towards yourself, the others & the venue is the basis of your participation. – the luxury of the venue demands sophisticated reverence. Transgressions will lead to expulsion from the event.

Impeccable personal hygiene is another participation prerequisite.

Apply for your spot ideally via www.t.me./joejung or message to the www.urbanjoy.de email
You will receive an answer message as soon as possible.

There is only limited availability of SoloTickets. Join with a friend or two, if possible on one of our discounted Duo/TrioTickets: (m/f) (f/f) (m/f/f)

We have made it a dedication to make this massage evening experience as affordable as possible. Apply early to reap the benefits of this.

🎫 Solo Tickets (limited availability ) 35€ per person

🎫 Duo/TrioTickets 30€ per person – prioritized for available tickets

Payment is cash on location.

Reservations are binding to make sure organizational cost and rent payment can be covered.


Depending on the availability, we also have one or more massage therapist present available for professional treatments at an extra fee

• min. 3 towels per person – for massage cleanliness
• a vegan (=100% plantbased) snack or dish to nourish yourself and to share with others at the pot luck buffet
(• your most beloved massage oil)

DRESSCODE comfy, movement & wellness friendly, yoga outfit

LOCATION Berlin, near Gendarmenmarkt, Stadtmitte. Further details will be shared upon approved application

Looking forward to seeing & feeling & relaxing with you all

As a Bonus on occasion we offer MASSAGE EVENING SPECIALS – this may include

  • Breath Work Session
  • Massage & Conscious Touch Workshop
  • Kirtan & Voice Circles
  • Connection Games
  • Blindfolded Experiences
  • Nonverbal spaces
  • Lecture & poetry readings
  • Live Music

Some of the benefits of MASSAGE if done with care & under the right conditions

  • activation & support for the lymphatic system
  • muscle & connective tissue harmonization
  • skin rejuvenation

Some of the benefits of mindfulness, peaceful socializing & body-positivity

  • strengthening of intra- & interpersonal resilience
  • harmonizing of mental hyperactivation
  • restoration of healthy heart rate levels
  • powerful & lasting stress reduction

Some of the benefits of voluntary nudity/optional FKK

  • harmonizing of emotional/psychological peaks/dips
  • supports natural self- & co-regulation of the nervous system
  • improvement of skin pH-levels

While the scientific data for the positive effects of these & other practices is only growing. This evening is mostly designed for the practical experience of the joy of life, of being & experiencing deep relaxation & possibly bliss. Open your heart, let your mind fly freely & deeply relax your body. Experience life as the blessing it is!