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A powerful shared journey into y/our (full) potential – facilitated by Paul-Luis Schopf & Joe Jung
January – June 2024
In-person meeting 1x a month
mutually support each other in reaching  goals & visions
first meeting mid january
30.1.2024 | 19:00


What is a Mastermind group?

Several dedicated movers & shakers commit to a focussed mutual support & accountability group for a set amount of time.
Each individual sets, shares & grows their own projects and by staying accountable to the milestones in the group has the benefit of high motivation, high follow through and a reflective & trouble shooting group that increases the learning 10x or more.
Join us for this mastermind initiation to take your life to the next level/s!
Be prepared for
  • A structure of effective sharing & communication tools
  • A circle of support, trust and combined intelligence
  • A mutually dedicated group that empowers each other & helps you transform if limitations appaer on the way to your goals & visions
  • strengthening your ambitions & accountability
  • succeeding at the game of life & having fun with it
  • specifying your personal & or professional goals for the cycle and for each month that are SMART – specific – measurable – attractive – realistic – timely
  • celebrating our gains and identifying possibilities for improvement
  • team spirit
  • growth, momentum and motivation.
What do you need to bring to join the MASTERMIND group?
  • dedication to the group journey
  • readiness commit to your goals including prioritizing & making  sacrifices where necessary to reach your goals.
  • a short interview to figure out if you are a fit to the group
The mastermind is non-commercial. However a small contribution for the logistics and the organization will apply
How to JOIN?
DM a short selfdescription & compact 6 month goal/s description to www.t.me/nisimasamusic