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Dear sensual, sexy human

This is a very special event.

We will get together in a cozy sky view  appartment in Kreuzberg with open view over Berlins rooftops… and discover more about how sensuality, touch and energy can make moments of connection even more delicious!

An introduction and guided practice of the juicy, beautiful, exciting & heartwarming practice of Orgasmik Meditation will be explained, demonstrated & applied if you are ready for it. Come discover touching moments, energies and pleasure states that can be revealed with this approach to sensuality & sexpositivity.

Afterwards there is time to simply enjoy an amazing afternoon time in the company of gorgeous people. Be sensual, be cozy, be playful/sexy. Whatever rocks your boat in this delicious gettogether!

Our next brunch/daytime event is on

Saturday 13.1. | 13:30-16:30

Orgasmik Meditation class & practice session

Wir begegnen uns in Solo, Duo, Trio oder Gruppen-Konstellationen. Die Veranstaltung findet in den gemütlichen Räumen eines Kreuzberger Hochhauses mit Blick über die Dächer der Stadt statt. Genaue Adresse nach Anmeldung.
Teilnahme via Nachricht an www.t.me/joejung

Solo-Ticket 30€
„Sexy friends“ Duo/Trio-Ticket 22€ p.p.
für Class, Orga & Raum

Bitte bring folgendes mit:
Kommt in komfortabler, sinnlicher, frelassender Kleidung
Bring einen leckeren Beitrag für’s vegane Buffet mit
gern auch 1 Flasche besten Wassers oder 1 alkoholfreies Getränk

1 Massageöl, Gleitgel Deiner Wahl

2 Handtücher

optionaler Bonus: Bei vorher angemeldetem Interesse besteht die Möglichkeit einer Eisdusche auf dem Panoramabalkon. Dafür bitte ein zusätzliches Handtuch mitbringen

Sensual Play & sexual energy is deeply rejuvenating. Human kindness, devotion & connection are profound and nourishing instincts. Bringing amazing people together in an inviting field of joy, creativity & sweet vibration can be one of the most magical experiences of life.

Apply now:


There is a multitude of sensory pleasure to explore 

  • touch
  • taste
  • heat/cold
  • energetic experiences
  • scents
  • pressure & grounding
  • 3dimensional movement & dance

As self-directed adults the sky is the limit. Let’s explore our possibilities – together!

Join us on this journey with an open mind and discover new or hidden love gems in a kind, fun and caring environment!