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Hey friends of the finnish art of heat & cold exposure, lovers of relaxation & new and experienced conscious community members

Welcome to this soothing ⭐️Autumn Sauna Evening⭐️ Our next gettogether is coming December 15th 2023. Joe, his friends & the angels are teaming up to co-create another joyful, rejuvenating gathering for heat, refreshment, relaxation & sharing beautiful hours with kind hearted people. Join in via one of the few solo tickets or come with friends &/or loved ones via our much valued Duo/Triotickets!?!

On a weekend evening the doors open | the night starts with a first essential oil infusion | The earlier you join the more time you have to savour & recharge. The night finishes arround midnight – for the next option contact www.t.me/joejung

We invite you into a community space: A human-/emotions- & body-positive event full of letting go, warming up, connective exploration or simply time with your bodies‘ needs and naturally gentle & tasty experiences.

1. WARM-UP First, we’ll start with a mesmerizing essential oil infusion to let go of the week & tune in with your body & the other participants.

2. STARTING TOGETHER Then, we’ll go into a playful & mind calming opening circle

3. OPEN FLOW A gentle night of following your intuition: Interactive, deep relaxation, high intensity, softness evening. You can decide spontaneously

We will enjoy each others company in a stunning factory loft close to Treptower Park, Berlin, S-Bahn station. An elegant main floor, a spacious finnish Sauna cabin, several lounge areas, a bar & potluck buffet to stay hydrated and enjoy a variety of vegan snacks & dishes plus lots of space for your choice of activity.

You will have the opportunity to join a couple of sauna infusions in intense heat with the rest of the group. Cold bath/dip & showers are there to refresh you, whenever needed.

To have us all enjoy the most access to natural happiness & nervous sytem relaxation this event is sober & conscious.

This is a consent & self-responsibility based event for respectful, well-intentioned grown-ups. Adhering to mutual respect, common sense & a caring attitude towards yourself, the others & the venue is the basis of your participation. – the luxury of the venue demands sophisticated reverence. Transgressions will lead to expulsion from the event.

Impeccable personal hygiene is another participation prerequisite.

Apply for your spot ideally via www.t.me./joejung
You will receive an answer message as soon as possible.

There is only limited availability of SoloTickets. Join with a friend or two, if possible on one of our discounted Duo/TrioTickets: (m/f) (f/f) (m/f/f)

We have made it a dedication to make this Sauna experience as affordable as possible. Apply early to reap the benefits of this.

🎫 Solo Tickets (very limited availability ) 35€ per person

🎫 Duo/TrioTickets 30€ per person

Payment is cash on location.

Reservations are binding to make sure organizational cost and rent payment can be covered.

• min. 3 towels per person – for sauna & massage cleanliness
• a vegan (=100% plantbased) snack or dish to nourish yourself and to share with others
• your most beloved massage oil

DRESSCODE wellness, lounge, kimono, sarong – like in other spa & sauna spaces

LOCATION Berlin, near S-Bahnhof Treptower Park. Further details will be shared upon approved application

Looking forward to seeing & feeling & relaxing with you all

We offer a select number of SAUNA NIGHT SPECIALS each time – this may include

  • Breath Work Session
  • Massage & Conscious Touch Workshop
  • Kirtan & Voice Circles
  • Connection Games
  • Blindfolded Experiences
  • Nonverbal spaces
  • Lecture & poetry readings
  • Live Music

Some of the benefits of SAUNA if done with care

  • activation & support for the lymphatic system
  • muscle & connective tissue harmonization
  • skin rejuvenation
  • lung & sinoid cleansing

Some of the benefits of mindfulness, peaceful socializing & body-positivity

  • strengthening of intra- & interpersonal resilience
  • harmonizing of mental hyperactivation
  • restoration of healthy heart rate levels
  • powerful & lasting stress reduction 

Some of the benefits of voluntary nudity/optional FKK

  • harmonizing of emotional/psychological peaks/dips
  • supports natural self- & co-regulation of the nervous system
  • improvement of skin pH-levels

While the scientific data for the positive effects of these & other practices is only growing. This evening is mostly designed for the practical experience of the joy of life, of being & experiencing deep relaxation & possibly bliss. Open your heart, let your mind fly freely & deeply relax your body. Experience life as the blessing it is!