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The amazing
SUNDAY JAM BERLIN is on Pause at the moment. We will be back for you as soon as possible

The amazing

Contact Improvisation | Class & Jam

EVERY Sunday 20-23:00,
at  ART13 Tango Studio  
Dresdner Str. 11, Hinterhof
Seitenflügel , 3. OG 
10999 Berlin

Directly at [U1/U3/U8] Kottbusser Tor
5€ Contribution for Jam only 
13€ Class including Jam  


What is Contact Improvisation?

Contact Improvisation, Contact Improv or just simply „Contact“ is an evolving impromtu dance form that is one of the most well-known and characteristic branches of the big spectra of „Contemporary Dance“. The approach was created by Steve Paxton in the early 70’s as a way to combine public performance, athletic movements like wrestling, falling, jumping and rolling with inner-focused dance. One charecteristics of this technique is emphazising the bodily awareness and physical reflexes and letting go of planned, predesigned movements. Contact Improvisation offers you an interactive dance space to explore your bodys movement impulses & how to expand the possibilities of reacting to physical contact with others in motion.  Together and individually the dancers follow these motory intuitions into a world of endless improvisation!

Tanzen ~ Bewegen ~ Miteinander ~ Improvisieren

Sunday Jam Berlin

Sunday Jam Berlin

The finding of a dance
The exquisite waiting for the coalescence.
And the will it, won’t it; is there enough here?

Push it, ride it, fly it
Waiting in every moment of action. Acting in every moment of waiting.
Can’t force the wave, can only ride and respond to the force.

Okay. It’s time now.
Lose your centre.
Don’t worry, I’ll give it back.

Getting tired.
Feeling the skipping of the smoothness. Feeling the waning awareness.
Restful. Reflectful. Ready to move again.

Slow. and ready to Flow.
Take the time to find the slips and eddies. Swirling in the stream.

-Joey Lehrer

From contactimprov.com

Contact Improvisation is an honoring of every moment. There is a sweet surrendering that happens when our bodies stay faithful to what is happening now, and now… and NOW! One learns to recognize and differentiate subtle impulses in our movement choices and our partner’s choices. We begin to decipher the cues that we give and receive which tell us when to lead or follow, when to go up, when to go down, where to touch, how to lift, when to slow down, and when to be still. In this form one learns to stay in integrity with each choice, never forcing, never rushing. When Body, Mind, and Spirit are united in their instinctive wisdom one finds ones-self at home in every moment expressing ones true nature.     – Moti Zemelman