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Hey sexy, sensual Soul,

a gorgeous ⭐️TEMPLE NIGHT – Summer Edition ⭐️ awaits us. Fabian, Joe & the Angels are teaming up to create another magical gathering for tantric play & sexiness galore … with you!?!

On 20.7.2024 at 16:00 – doors open  | 16:30 the doors will close & the guided introduction begins. The Temple Night starts in the afternoon & concludes at around 22:30

We invite you to a Temple Space: A human-/emotions-/body- & sex-positive event full of sexual expression, sensual exploration and natural ecstasy.

1. WARM-UP First, we’ll start with a few juicy connection games to tune in & warm up with ourselves & the amazing people present.

2. STARTING TOGETHER Then, we’ll go into sensual play and form various & deeper connections within the group.

3. OPEN PLAYGROUND A tantric night of bliss and shared ecstasy opens itself to the interactions that want to emerge consensually.

We will enjoy each others company in a stunning penthouse studio in Mitte close to Friedrichstr. A spacious main floor, including several chill out and play areas, a bar & vegan potluck buffet to stay hydrated and enjoy a variety of snacks & dishes plus lots of space for your choice of activity – give & receive sensual, healing touch, celebrate your kinkyness, adult pleasures of various kinds… you name it.

What will it be this night for you? A meditative adventure, a flow of sensual journeys, an orgiastic celebration of your body human kindness, a kink deep dive,  nourishing eyegazing, energy sex, dirty talk explorations, chilling in the bar area?

Our invitation is to have an ecstatic (day2)night together full of blissful enamourment, heartfelt encounters, soothing massages, sexy times, exploring love & bliss or all of the above!

To have us all enjoy the most access to our natural sexiness this event is sober & conscious.
Safer sex practices are a prerequisite
This is a consent & self-responsibility based event. Adhering to that is the basis of your participation. Transgressions will lead to expulsion from the event.
Impeccable personal hygiene is another participation prerequisite. Also we request you test your sexual health on a regular basis.
Treat the space & each other with care and respect – the luxury of the venue demands common sense reverence

Apply for your spot by via Text/PM. Recommendations by other participants increase your chances of being able to come join.
You will then receive an answer message as soon as possible.

This Temple Space is designed for intermediate visitors.
A positive attitude towards sexuality, safer sex practices, self-responsibility, social awareness is a healthy foundation to participate.

If you are new to this, check with us for claryfing if you are a match or our beginner formats fit even better.

  1. In this Temple Space experience we will go on a blissful journey through a remarkable, unique night. Be prepared for epic & tender hours of love

To be best set up we request all participants to supply the following

We have made it a dedication to make this temple experience as affordable as possible. Apply early to reap the benefits of this.

🎟 Regular Visitor Ticket 55Eur per person


🎫 Early Bird Tickets until 4 weeks before for 35€ per person

🎫 Slow Bird Tickets until 2 weeks before for 40€ per person

🎫 Late Bird Tickets for 45€ per person

Payment is cash on location.

Your reservation is binding.
Refunds/payment annulations can only be accepted until 2 weeks before the event. If cancellation occurs after that day, the ticket price will still be due to make sure organizational cost and rent payments can be covered.

• min. 3 towels per person – for showers & sexy time cleanliness
• a vegan (=100% plantbased) snack or dish to nourish yourself and to share with others
• your most beloved massage oil/lube
• your favourite condoms (ideally latex-free = safe with massage oil) & safer sex equipment, toys, ropes that you enjoy
• your preferred hand sanatizer, gloves

DRESSCODE wellness / lounge / kimono like in other spa & sauna spaces

LOCATION Berlin-Mitte, near Friedrichstr. Further details will be shared upon approved application

Looking forward to seeing & feeling & playing with you all

We offer a select number of TEMPLE NIGHT SPECIALS each time – this may include

• Breath Work Session
• Tantric Touch
• Playfight
• Consent & Presencing Games
• Shibari
• BDSM/Powerplay
• Blindfold Experiences
• Nonverbal spaces
• Clean/Deep/Dirty Talk
• Roleplay workshop
• Sexual Energy Training
• Yoni & Lingam Ritual
• Erotic Lecture


What is a Temple Space?

Before the rise of invasive religious practices & consumerism human culture contained a myriad of traditions that were dedicated to conscious connection, intentional gatherings & co-creative circles of shared experience & community – Temple Spaces. For a predetermined time ranging from several hours to sometimes several days adults would gather in a special space – often especially created temples – and go on an exploratory journey into the infinity of the present moment.

Some of these temple spaces were soft & healing … like gentle singing circles or gatherings of meditative prayer,
some were & are oriented more to dynamic and transformative practices like tribal dances & catharthic social rituals &
some were designed to enter a state of realized paradise – like ancient and modern day tantric temple spaces

This movement has prevailed through the ages and has been in the process of re-emergence for some decades now with different facilitators and various communities giving it unique tastes & vibes.

Subconsciously the temple spaces are present in many elements of modern progressive & conservative culture
like music festivals, sports events, yoga & meditation trainings

and here – in this Temple Night – we are consciously co-creating it by opening a beautiful space & bringing various exciting, healing and peaceful elements together consent practices, s+ & bodypositivity, emotion & needs awareness, angel crew to name just a few.

Welcome to another renaissance of humanity’s high culture!


Making a temple space the magical experience, that it can be is an artform. Be prepared for magic.

Some ingredients for it to work out are bringing the right people together, a cocreative, kindhearted, playful, sensual, self-responsible mindset of the participants, a great location & it’s managers, all kind of amazing, inspiring specials & surprises, great facilitators & organizers … and especially THE ANGELS!

These are the supporters and helpers taking care of all the moving parts that need attention before, during & after the event. In addition to some of these behind the scene actions angels are also present & active in the actual temple experience. They are there to look after everybodies wellbeing, assist practically or emotionally where needed, offering their special angel skills, simply being with you with a welcoming smile or a shoulder to lean on.

The angels will be introduced in the beginning. They might gently initiate an interaction with you, but moreso please know that you can always reach out to the angels, when this will assist you.


Temple Spaces are some of the most delightful human social experiences. Not everybody is ready to enter these spaces though. Certain qualities of character especially the following are a precondition to join our edition and co-create this space of kindness, pleasure & aliveness.


  • This event is a playground space to be enjoyed amongst adults. You are ready to interact responsibly. Do what you like. Don’t do what you don’t like. Simple & after some practice also easy. Ask for support when you need it.. or maybe even a tiny bit before. We are in this together.
  • This is an event for co-creation. You are looking for a deeply intimate experience? Co-create it. You want something wild & juicy? Co-create it. You like it kinky? Co-create it. Invite, ask for it, offer, inspire, encourage. The Temple offers the opportunity. Together, you & we make dreams come true.


  • Be(com)ing aware of your wishes, needs, desires, impulses and gently or powerfully expressing them to & with others is a great delight. With all the diversity amongst individuals, there is however the need to navigate mutual happiness pro-actively. Joining the night, all participants agree to be intent on supporting the integrity of themselves & their play partners as best as possible. Accepting & celebrating „NO (Thanks)“ whenever it appears is equally important as revelling in your „Absolutely yesss!“ & „Ok, I’m nervous/excited, but hey…let’s try something different/new.“
  • Simply put there are 2 types of people – the assertive, direct(ive), sometimes dominant type and the harmoniphile, indirect, diplomatic and/or rather subtle type. When they meet each other in their in-group, everyone knows what is going on, what the unwritten rules are & how to interact. Just when ‚direct‘ meets ‚indirect‘ there is a lot of potential to misunderstand each other. Here – especially for the direct people – it is invited to turn up your sensitivity and every now and then check if the less direct person is still fully on board, reading & confirming bodylanguage is higly recommended – and for the habitually indirect person, please remember & practice that any one of your NO’s is as important and invited as your Yes! Giving, connecting, surrendering are gifts. This is not a space to bear discomfort or suffer through anything. Except, if this is your kink. Starting things is welcome and ending/changing interactions or activities and/or letting the other person know – sometimes simply directly rather than subtly is natural, welcome and recommended to make sure the night is the great experience for you, that it is designed to be. There are plenty wonderful people here, if your current play partner is looking for something that you don’t want to experience, s/he will surely find a match with somebody else. Being & feeling safe is highly valued here.


  • Special attention on hygiene is key to a healthy experience of this kind of gathering. Washing, sanitizing your hands, intimate parts & toys before & between/after changing interactions/body regions needs to be practiced. Showers are available all the time. Play responsibly
  • Come clean, well groomed and pleasant to the eye. Meeting each other on such a precious occasion deserves your best self


  • Not all cultures or social circles accept & celebrate sexual energy & expression as the joy and miracle it can be. We do. If done consensually, with a creative mind, with kindness at heart & consideration for your bodily, emotional & social needs & abilities this aspect of human society can make life even more deeply satisfying. Respect & celebrate this force of nature and it grants it gifts plentyfully. If you are ready a mindset like this can open doors to experiences, that ancient legends talk about.


  • When connecting with one another human being an intricate flow of sensations, emotions, visions & energies is awakened. If we allow for it & are open & present enough, each interaction, each moment can lift us high or shift us deeply into states of tenderness, intimacy & even love. The present moment is the royal residence of love herself. If you are ready: Feel the flourishing life forces even with the knowledge that the ecstatic moment of loving is ephemeral. Then when the moment is past the strings of connection gently disolve again. Slowly fading into memory. Or friendships, love connections blossom. Experience the depth of intimacy, you consenually choose.
  • Sexiness can be intense, steamy & wild. In addition to this all kinds of softness, slowliness, sensitivity enhancing activities – in short: sensuality is explicitely invited in this space. Be, create & ask for all the tenderness you love!!


  • is what life is all about after all the necessary seriousness. Laugh, be silly, be playful too with your new & familiar friends & play mates.


  • In addition to all the beauty, grace & hotness possible the Temple Space is also a home for vulnerability. Let go of giving importance to expectations, prejudices & judgement as much as possible & enter the loving & accepting space of the heart & body, energy & consciousness. Here we invite love as our center, the foundation of our interactions, our natural state. Regular meditation practice can help with this skill.