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Homeostasis is the dynamic orderly state  of our body. Healing is the rxthmic movement towards & arround that natural human balance spectrum.

In this Workshop we discover, strengthen, enjoy the return to balance, the release of disturbing to traumatic memories & experience, we retrieve awareness stored in contracted parts of our psyche

With gentle, medium and intensely challenging topics of the human experience

The open minded, non-attached research into & steady release of past pains done in curiousness & kindness can bring about several benefits  

  • improved sleep cycles
  • better mood regulations 
  • heightened life quality
  • increased resilience
  • inner peace
  • growing social skills

If you are bring the following, an inspiring evening is guaranteed

  • comfy clothing
  • an open mind
  •  something to drink/stay hydrated
  •  a caring attitude for yourself & the other participants
  • the intention to have fun – ultimately even with the most challenging of human experiences

Guided by your host Joe Jung and according to your choice we will use a selection of different tools such as 

  • TRE
  • Internal Systems Constellation
  • consciousness based Trauma Release
  • Inner Child/Team work
  • somatic experiencing
  • Hypnotic Trance
  • Neuro-linguistic ReProgramming
  • Bonding 
  • Psychactive Touch

In solo, Duo or group exercises, demonstration & personal processes.

all offers are optional and can be directed freely in intensity. Participation on your own responsibility