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Welcome to the WoMen’s Circle – a gathering for women & men to share, understand & connect

In this workshop evening we will take time to explore the art of sharing individual & collective views, experiences & understandings through words & bodily exercises. In a playful openhearted space we will dive into some female & male perspectives that help us to feel the connection with ourselves & others

We will meet in a cozy, sky view location above the clouds in Berlin Kreuzberg close to Schlesisches Tor & enjoy an guided evening of deep interrelating


How to join?

Sign up via www.t.me/JoeJung 

Solo-Ticket 16Eur  or you bring a friend or two:
Duo/TrioTickets 14€ per person

Bring comfy clothes, something non-alcoholic to drink & stay hydrated plus a curious & open mind & heart

Doors open 10 minutes before the Workshop


Some of the tools we will use during this event

  • sharing about meaningful topics
  • deep listening
  • solo, partner & group meditation 
  • bodily & emotional relaxation & activation techniques

Polarity is a deep & essential part of reality, society & our relationships. Unfortunately singlemindedness, limiting beliefs & trauma charges from the past can change this essential quality of life from a gift & source of inspiration into a burden, seeming source of pain & suffering. The  powerful practice of the sharing circle will help us reverse that phenomenon &/or reach a new level of wisdom. With empathy & compassion we not only release patterns that don’t serve us any more but also reach new insights & expand our awareness

  • confusion > clarity & intensity
  • bitterness > softness & power
  • fear > understanding & boundaries
  •  struggle > achievement & leisure
  • toughness > sensitivity & safety

Join a group of curious, openminded, courageous, friendly human beings for this evening & return home a renewed & spirited self.

Best regards, Joe & Team